Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2017 BPCE, Palais des Congrès of Paris, video projection simulations

indoor video mapping layout  based on 23 video projectors

20 x Christie 20k 16/9 and 16/10 + 3 x Panasonic RQ32 4K was necessary to project on stage at the Palais des Congrès of Paris

Image production : SUPERBIEN

video projection and media server : ETC OnlyView


a 3d view of the video mapping screen and the twenty front video projectors grouped into ten DUAL impacts

a 3d view of the scene whit almost all the video projectors.

We cannot see the TRIAL Panasonic 4k that retro-project the central screen.

all video projectors point of view inside their image circle to take a look at the lens shift position.

We are here surrounded by all the video projectors point of views inside their image circle, to appreciate the shift value.


The center screen, in orange, is retro-projected by a TRIAL of Panasonic RQ32 4k.

At the left and right, projectors number 10 and 11, are satellite screens to project some live cameras during the show.

Below you have all cropped video projectors point of view :

all projectors point of view into one image. The orange central screen is retro-projected by a TRAIL Panasonic 4k.

For content creation we choose to use a 3d camera placed on a middle point of view of the audience. I rendered this camera and use the image and the camera to  camera-map the screen.


Below you have the texture. The size is 8768 x 3680 pixels.

raster texture for content creation and to camera map the 3d model. The original size is 8769 x 3680 pixels

and a screen-shot of the C4D file that I export and give to Superbien.

a screen-shot of the export 3d model for video mapping content creation

Here you are a photo during the show. We can see the timeline on the OnlyView. Thanks for those photos to Guillaume Milza.

we have the screen in background and the OnlyView timeline in foreground
taken during the installation we can see a moment of the video mapping show, with wireframe buildings on a blue skyline