Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2014 Patek Philippe, Genève, Suisse, video mapping projection

Photogrammetry and video mapping based on 24 Panasonic 21k 16/9 1920x1200px

to celebrate the Maison Patek Philippe in the summer 2014


Executive producer : Dorier Audio-Visual global solutions


Image production : Dirty Monitor



Take a look at the image below ! Can you believe that we have to video map those facades ? With a twenty meters high spring right  in the middle ?

The building is not a big deal to model in 3d wile the sprig needs a little more concentration but ... how about the video mapping layout inside this little space and without having shadows issues with the sprig ?


Below a screen-shot just before exporting the photo calibration to a 3d file.

This is the step where I place all the panoramic photos that I took and all the "locators" (numbered points that I choose) into a 3d environment.

All "locators" are green, that's perfect. The residual error af this calibration is les of a half pixel !

The places where I took photos are represented by orange spheres.

One locator is selected and the orange lines show you that this point is visible by other panoramic photos. Everything is 3D now !

I've been in Switzerland for the photogrammetry survey on June 24 and 25, 2014. The following photos are grouped into Day1 and Day2.

Below you can click any thumnail you want to open the full screen, 360° panoramic photo. You can click and drag to navigate and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


To get one panoramic photo you need 26 normal photos taken with a panoramic head mounted on a tripod and with no changes of zoom, speed and diaphragm between the sequence. I use to take 12 photos all around looking up, 12 photos all around looking down, one on the sky and the last on the ground.

Here you have 43 panoramic photos made by 1118 normals photos.

Panoramic, 360° photos taken during the photogrammetry survey

Day 1

Panoramic, 360° photos taken during the photogrammetry survey

Day 2

24 video projectors Video Mapping

Here you are some 3d images of the video projection simulation. All is in place : buildings, stage and roof (to transform the venue into an indoor room), the spring (artistic representation of a watch mechanism element) and the 24 projectors.

All projectors are at about 2.2 meters from the ground.

I really enjoy the following image. This is the way that I found to put projectors from 4 to 9. No shadows issues at all !

Below all 24 video projectors point of view.

and some photos taken during the installation