Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2014 Bulgari, Piazza di Spagna, Spanish Steps, Rome

Building video mapping show based on 38 Panasonic video projectors into 19 DUAL impacts.

My job is the mapping simulations and photogrammetry.


I decided the projection layout, video projectors position, rotation and lenses, the global audience point of view.




Production / LimeLite

Giancarlo Campora, Vincenzo Dente, Luca de Vecchis, Franco Ali Santoro, Pier Paolo Fortunelli, Alessandro Roccaro, Emiliano Espositi, Fabio Lecce, Alberto Iacona, Dario Danieli, Fabrizio Lopez, Christian di Prinzo, Andrea Casella, Andrea de Vincenzis, Andrea Esposti, Giuliano Daniele, Roberto Grassi





Media server / Smode by D/LABS

Francis Maes, Thomas Besson, Albin Rosa, Chris-Eiji Mabrier, Alexandre Buge, Nicolas Rozé



Fabien Iliou


Image creation / Studio Fabien Iliou

Fabien Iliou, Ronan Guitton, Yanxi Zhang, Mitzi Liszt, Romain Iliou


Image creation / Machine Molle,Armand Beraud


Bande Son / SUONI

Riccardo Cimino


Video BackStage / WildBox

Cadrage: Guillaume DIDIER - Julien Robbe        Montage: Joachim LUKOMBO - Ugo Cassanello


Video BackStage Roma

Cadrage/Montage: Roberto Polenta


Sound and light show on the Spanish Steps, in the city of Rome, Piazza di Spagna, organized on the occasion of the re-opening of the Bulgari boutique in Via dei Condotti, on march 20, 2014.

This magnificent monument, on which the Bulgari boutique boasts stunning views, is transformed by the projection of giant spotted pictures and multi-channel sound.

Only 4 D-Labs servers were needed to drive the 19 video impacts; 4 more servers have provided the redundancy.



Spéctacle de son et lumière sur l'Escalier et l’Église de la Trinité-des-Monts, en plein centre ville de Rome, Piazza di Spagna, organisé à l'occasion du vernissage de la boutique Bulgari de Via dei Condotti, le 20 mars 2014.


Ce magnifique monument, sur lequel la boutique Bulgari bénéficie d'une vue imprenable, se métamorphose grâce à la projection d'images géantes et repérées, et au son multi-canaux.

Seulement 4 serveurs D/Labs ont été nécessaires pour piloter en 3d les images des 19 impacts; 4 serveurs de plus ont assuré la redondance.



Spettacolo di video mapping sulla scalinata e la Chiesa della Trinità dei Monti, nella città di Roma, in pieno centro a Piazza di Spagna, organizzato in occasione dell'apertura della boutique Bulgari di Via dei Condotti, il 20 marzo 2014.

Questo magnifico monumento, sul quale la boutique Bulgari vanta una vista mozzafiato, subisce una metamorfosi grazie alla proiezione d'immagini e al suono multi-canale.

Solo 4 server D-Labs sono stati necessari per pilotare le immagini verso i 19 impatti; 4 server in più hanno fornito la ridondanza.

In the following images you can see the superposition of the 360° panoramic photos that came from the photogrammetry survey and the 3d model of the screen with all the projection layout.

Below a choice of video projector's point of view inside the image circle to see the lens shift, mounting (vertical/horizontal), lens type and zoom position, vertical inclination.

The following thumbnails give you access to all the full frame 360° panoramic photos of the photogrammetry survey.

To navigate inside a photo you can click and drag to change the point of view and use the mouse wheel  (or Shift and CTRL on your keyboard) to zoom in and out.

And finally some photos of the installation