Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2013 EDF convention, Salle des 3000, Lyon

Video mapping indoor made of 8 video projectors Panasonic 20k 16/10 1920 x 1200px


Executive production, video projection and media servers : P-One, Stéphane Peinturier


Image creation : Superbien

Above the measurements in pixel of each projected impacts inside the texture. This is useful to cut the original movie into different parts that will be distributed to the video projectors by the media server, in this case, Watch Out.






On the right you have the texture that was used by Superbien to create the content.

In this texture there is a metric grid and I conserved the information of each impact and their overlapping.

In the center on the image I put the textures of  severals objects that will be placed on stage and video mapped.






Below you find the 8 video projector's point of view inside a circle that represent the lens shift possibility.

As you can see, in those images you can also find informations about the zoom lens type, zoom position and vertical inclination of each projectors.

You can also see where the lens shift is and if the projectors are horizontal or in portrait mode.



Whit the texture and the portion of texture seen by each video projectors, the job of deformation inside the Watch Out can begin !

All those images are parts of the projection toolkit.

Above you have a list of lens type, zoom position, vertical inclination and mounting for each projector.


Below some 3d images of the simulation to show the position of the video projection.

And finally, some photos taken during the installation and firsts tests of the show.