Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2012 Orange Show Hello ! Dock Pullman, Paris

indoor video mapping based on 28 video projectors Christies 20k 4/3 1400x1050px

On November 21th, at the Pullmann Docks, north of Paris, Orange presents its innovations to 700 guests. The show is reported in the press, live stream on Dailymotion and on social networks!


Executive producer : Havas Events


Video projection and media server : ETC Onlyview


Below a Vimeo video of the show by Havas Events.

Below you have a little timelaps that I took during the installation of the screen.

Above you have the 3d model in different mapping situations.


Below some 3d images that show the model and the video projectors.

Above you have the list of all projectors including some informations about the lens, mounting and height of the lens from the ground. Note that almost all projectors have a fixed lens, that will make the job a lot more delicate to achieve.


Below you have all the video projectors point of view inside the lens circle to estimate the value of the lens shift and the way each projectors is mounted. In those images you also have the lens type and the verticale inclinations.

This last video projectors impact that you can see on the right is about a DUAL 10k HD from Christies. This stack serves an independant screen more dense in terms of pixels compared to the surrounding screens.


This screen is used to diffuse live cameras or other content that needs a higher resolution.






Below you have three 3d images that show  projectors C1, C2, C3 and C4.

They are face to the screen and grouped inside a solid wood construction with a moving camera on rails on top.


This construction is used to keep away the projectors to the eyes of the audience, and also to slow down the noise produced.


But doing so there will be a big issue if we do not evacuate the hot air from this case.


That's why we put some pipes at the rear of each projectors to avoid the hot air to go to the left and right parts of the case.


To help air extracting two fans where put into this structure to push the air outside.