Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

2011 "Qui croire?" "Who Belive ?", 3d, anamorphic image, Hotel de Ville, Paris, France

Qui croire ?


Anamorphic Land Art image, optical illusion, in Paris, Hotel de Ville.

I realize the 3D model, drawing it through the point of view that we choice for the anamorphosis.


My work sets the size and the shape of the image of François Abélanet, and also gives a whole series of information concerning the quantities of sand, straw, and lawn to be put in place.


With "Who Believe?", François Abélanet invited the viewer to feel and experience the fundamental place of nature: "We live in a world where we talk about ecologists, scientists, industrialists ... I wanted to talk of the problem of the tree in the city and invite people to wonder about the place that the tree, the nature and the environment have for them. I would like people to ask themselves about that and to feel how the environment is fundamental ".


With its geometric lines in 3D, the work gives visitors an illusion of relief and stretches over 1500 m². Monumental, it measures 100m long and 16m wide.


1200 m² of lawn, 300 m² of sedum and 650 m3 of straw and sand. Nearly 90 gardeners and technicians were mobilized continuously for five days for the realization of this ephemeral work of art ...


Go to the promontory to look at this garden through a strange metal sight: magic operates, the curves align. Your eye in perspective alignment suddenly sees lawns, bumps and hollows becoming ... a three-dimensional globe, wow!


In July 2011, an ephemeral garden made its way into the courtyard of the Hôtel de Ville, taking the form of a curious anamorphic vegetation in 3D by artist François Abelanet.


"Who to believe?" Questions the daily life of the trees of Paris, their needs and their misadventures ... Relive in image this amazing garden


This immense contemporary garden questions the link between Nature and City, as well as their sometimes difficult cohabitation. At the crossroads of architecture, decoration and Land art, the work "Who believe?" Illustrates the marriage between urbanism and nature, between mineral and vegetal. An ephemeral image that evokes the urban environment and the regular planting of trees along the streets. An original writing to illustrate the Parisian landscape and encourage us to respect our wooded heritage.