Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

 2004 Summer Paralympics Games, Open ceremony in Athens, Greece. Full analog projection

18 PIGI DDRA projectors

12 on the foot print and 6 on the tree


Production : ECA2

Artistic Direction : Yves Pépin

Image creation : Christophe Bertiaux, Monoeil

The show took place on September 17, 2004 at the Athens Olympic Stadium.

Let's spend some times talking about the projector that was used to make the show.

The PIGI DDRA projector use 2 films.

The one closer to the light box is usually called mask.

The second one, lens side, is the color one.


To give you an idea of the definition, the size of a standard

photo camera film is 24x36mm.

The PIGI DDRA film size is 180x180mm and the projected

area is 160x160mm !


The film length is up to 30 meters.


Without no films, those machines can go up to 70000 lumen/m².

Whit one film 62000 lumen/m² and with two films 56000 lumen/m², witch is a very good performans even today, more than 10 yars later !


The two films are motorized and can control them very smoothly and independently from each other.

The two films can rotate together. This is very helpful to make images effects, and to put films horizontal or verticals (like in the photo above).


Those machines are still extremely powerful, and the analog projection is very beautiful. Even when you are close to the screen you can't see any pixels and there's no frame rate !


The inconvenient, or ... the challenge, is to work with no deformation grid, and no zoom ! The film is printed and all PIGI lenses are fixed !


So, if you want to have the image of a labyrinth on the ground, you have to split it into the 12 projectors point of view and print the picture into a transparent film.


On the right you have the printed images on the mask film of one projectors, in both horizontal and vertical positions.


In the photo below you have the result on site.


Mi job was to help Christophe Bertiaux by calculating the projection in 3d.


This is the way I drop into the magic world of jaint projection.

Here you are some images of the 3d calculations and some photos of the making off of the tree.

To use the tree as a projection screen, we need to have it in a 3d model.

So I went on the site where this tree was created, in the northern suburbs of Paris, to take some pictures.


The tree is the focal point of this show, conceived and created primarily for the audience of the stadium, and not for the TV audience.


In the middle of this monster made by steel and polystyrene there is a scaffold.

A lot of LED lights complete the tree.


Before departure to Athens, the tree was coated whit a colored resin to protect it during the transport.

Here you are some images of the 3d calculations and some photos of the making off of the tree.