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Video Mapping, 3D Photogrammetry, Anamorphic Images, LandArt

Hi and welcome to my web site !

My name is Ugo Cassanello.

I am an independent 3D artist, projectionist, passionate about video mapping, Multimedia Shows, 3D modeling by photogrammetry or starting from 2d cad, and Land Art, when it involves the use of anamorphic images.


To give you a taste of what my job is, I have created the five mains pages of this site.

Video Mapping / giant projections on buildings, inside theaters, on water screens, worldwide shows and more !

On the right, a photo of the projection pattern during the calibration process on the scene, mounted at the Palais des Sports in Paris on the occasion of records for SIDACTION.


My job is to help to set up the projection layout.

How many projectors do we need ? What is their best position ?


I define the installation giving feedback about  projectors type, position, rotation, optical, zoom value, lens shift, light power output in lumen per square meter or the pixel size in a specific location of the screen.


I am the bridge between graphics designers who will create the content and the projection system that will bring the image to the screen.

Photogrammetry / giant projections on buildings, inside theaters, on water screens, worldwide shows and more !

The photogrammetry is a 3d modeling process based on spherical 360°photos.


It consists of 3 phases:


1 - GO ON SITE  to take several 360° panoramic photos using a fixed lens camera mounted on a panoramic head.


2 - CALIBRATION - in dedicated softwares I find the position of each photos in a virtual 3d space and I can add points in this space.


3 - MODELING - I import the scene (a point cloud and as many cameras than spheric photos) in my preferred 3D software. I can now draw looking trough those spherical photos.


The result is a 3d working model, ready to use to create images, perfect for image projections needs !


If you are interessed about this process, visit the Photogrammetry page : you'll find some videos that will help you understand how it works.


In the image below you can see the calibration phase :

3D Scan / when the screen is too complex, scan became a good solution to get a model to work with in projection

Sometimes, as in the image above on the left, the whole screen came from a 3d scan.

Sometimes, as on the right, only a part of the projection screen (details in magenta) came from a scan. The rest is made with the photogrammetry.

3D Design /  I make a 3d model of your show, starting from 2d cad files and sketch.

Land Art /  anamorphic 3d images

I love anamorphosis, photogrammetry: the majority of my projectionist and video mapping work revolves around this! So it was with joy that I helped the artist François Abelanet to realize his works of Land Art in anamorphosis, which reveal themselves to the viewer of a single point of view!

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